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Tradition is our innovation

When I was asked to work on the development of the export market, I faced the challenge of promoting our brands on a global scale, with specific focus on the European market.

Approaching foreign markets has always been almost exclusively a Pitti Caffè thing, mostly because this brand was created, developed and promoted as a tool to spread Moka Efti products outside of Italy.

The surprising result of my marketing research was a remarkable interest, especially in central and northern Europe, in the Moka Efti brand and in all the suggestions it brings along.

We then started, as a company, evaluating a change in our communication and commercial strategy, aiming at both spreading the Pitti Caffè brand on the domestic market and actively promoting the Moka Efti brand on a global scale.

This brand-new website, designed with the idea of showing to our global customers the wide range of products with no limitations of any sorts, is the very first step towards a comprehensive and parallel development of both brands.

Moka Efti comes from far away, with a history of experience and success that Pitti Caffè can vastly benefit from.

Pitti Caffè is a young and evolving brand, that can enrich Moka Efti’s offering with a new perspective.

The projects that we will develop in the coming months will embrace all our corporate resources, trying to take the quest for quality that has always marked Moka Efti’s history to new ventures that Pitti Caffè will promote.

Please have a look at this website, if you can: you will definitely find something that will add value to your business, to your day, to your passion for coffee.



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