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One week after the end of 2023's edition of HOST, we are starting to perceive what a massive success it was. Beside meeting our loyal and long-term partners, we had the opportunity to showcase our products to a large number of potential buyers on a global scale.

Nitro Coffee did play a major role in entertaining our visitors, thanks to is silky, smooth and refreshing sweetness.

So did filter coffee, the best way of enjoying our Finca Raquel Montefresco, an exclusive Moka Efti product, as well as the newly released 100% Ethiopia (oh, by the way, grab your bag until it lasts, it's a limited edition seasonal product!).

Also, we now go green! Fancy some eco-friendly unpacked paper pods, for a more conscious consumption? Choose among 4 blends and 2 different grind size, to get the best out of our coffee and enjoy your guilt-free daily cup of coffee!

And now? What's next? We are not going to relax, needless to say. Our path towards innovation and superior taste is not stopping. Stay tuned.


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