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Time to showcase - HOST 2023

After the break we took back in 2021, mainly due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, we decided that it is about time to be back on track and show what we are best at: extraordinary coffee.

HOST 2023 will be an incredible opportunity to share with our partners and friends the achievements of the past two years, the efforts we made to keep the pace with the rapidly changing coffee world, and to showcase some great products we have been developing over the past few months.

There is a lot going on in this business, and as a company working hard on combining tradition and innovation, we felt it was the right moment to raise the bar and give our portfolio a fresh new look, by adding a bunch of new products that will demonstrate our care and attention for a set of values that will play quite a relevant role in years to come: sustainability is, and will be, a key factor in customers approach towards more conscious products and lifestyle in general.

Such an approach often goes together with a increasing demand for high-end and prosumer products, to elevate the daily coffee experience to whole new level. This is exactly what we have been working on, and HOST 2023 will be an outstanding opportunity to show both to our existing network and to any potential new partners that will approach us, what will be a relevant part of our business development strategy for the coming years.

For more of this, and for a closer look to our very wider range of products, you will all be more than welcome!

Please visit us at Pavillion 14 - Stand F22 G21.

See you there...some coffee (and needless to say, some pure Italian energy) will be waiting for you!


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